Ice Blankets and Gel Ice Packs

Ice Blanket

Ice Blankets

An effective alternative to conventional gel packs. Ice Blanket is the ideal solution for your perishable shipping needs. It is well suited for the shipping of chocolates, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and other perishable products.

Ice Blanket is sold in an un-hydrated state in roll or sheet form. A 400 foot roll of standard size ships in a box 16 x 16 x 18 and weighs 30 pounds. This roll will yield 900 pounds of refrigerant, the Super size yields 1500 pounds of refrigerant.

To prepare, soak the Ice Wrap in water for about 15 minutes until the gel inside the sachets is firm. Then shake off any excess water and freeze.

Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs

1-1/2# SIZE, 24 PER CASE
Ready to Freeze and Use

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