Templok™ MM Insulating Pallet Covers

Templok Perishable Shipping Containers

The standard Templok Pallet covers are constructed of a proprietary metalized film laminated to bubble with a white inner liner. The MM version adds a second layer of metalized film.

The outer metalized film reflects radiated heat transfer and the inner bubble slows conductive heat transfer. The inner metalized layer reflects the small percentage of radiated heat that passes through the outer layer while creating additional barrier to conductive heat transfer.

The Templok MM is available as a stock item in the 48 x 40 x 60 size, custom sizes are available, lead times average about two weeks.

We recommend the pallet cover be used in conjunction with our insulating pallet base. This provides effective radiant and conductive insulation on all six sides of the load.

Custom sizes are available
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